Best Longboard Slide Gloves- Some Toppers

best longboard slide gloves- some toppersAn excellent longboarding ride must be accompanied with an excellent glove. For a continuous cruise of enjoyment like longboarding, downhilling etc. you have to take a great care of hands and fingures. when your safety is ensured you can do your tricks more vigorously. you hands and fingures paly a big role in turning and sliding. so a perfect ride is possible only when you have the best longboard slide gloves.

Loaded Longboard Freeride Slide Gloves Version 7.0

It has been designed according to the feedback of many longboarders on the previous versions. This pair has gone beyond the expectation of durability compared to the previous ones being made of anti-abrasion synthetics like Kevler® or Cordura®. Your hand won’t sweat like before because of its breathable Coolmax lining and vented mesh. During sliding and other tricks, you are protected by the palm padding by Poron XRD® and the viscoelastic knuckle padding for which you can call this best longboard slide gloves. There are the removable pucks. This is also convenient for women and youths being available in three sizes.

 Loaded Longboards Goatskin Race Slide Gloves:

This has been designed minding extreme durability for veteran longboarders. That definitely rocketed it into the best longboard slide gloves list. The goatskin leather employed here is highly fit to counter the abrasive surfaces while extreme moves. carbon finger protector and knuckles protect your finger and knuckles during rag dolling and extreme slidings. This pair is suitable for riders with small to medium size hand.

Andux Land skateboard slider Slide Glove red HBST-05:

It’s a decent performing economic longboarding glove. That balancing has made it to the best longboard slide gloves. The breathable fabric with strong Velco wrist comes with a removable pucks. The puck includes thumb. Andlux offers another set of slider if needed for replacement. Experts should give a look to this brand.

Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves S/M – Limeburst:

Sector 9 is one of the most popular brand across the world for longboards and longboarding gears. This is another masterpiece of this brand with striking colors. A standard protection, high density grip and anti-vibraiton etc all are in a single pakage. It is comfortable and breathable for its neoprone components. With all such things, it is included into the best longboard slide gloves of present time.

 Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves:

The manufacturer boasts of its anti-wearing Kevler fingertips that protects you from even the toughest moves and slides. Even if that is not enough for you, you can simply buy and adjust a separate slider bar and pucks. Top-grain leather is used in its manufacture enables its longer lifetime. This member of the best longboard slide gloves list is recommended to all riders and specially the veteran riders and professionals.

If you are a veteran, then you can choose by your own or may be you have already made your choice from one of those best longboard slide gloves. But if you are a beginner, then you may need to think and consult with someone expert that which of them cover all or most of the needs of your beginning.

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