Longboarding gloves- Why it is so important?

longboarding glovesHello dear longboarding beginners, happy to see you are here with the interest and awareness of safety during a ride. Once again, if you are an expert, just checking out any scope of improving your safety gears, welcome. I am here to discuss about the longboarding gloves. How to understand the safety parameters of the longboarding gloves and to find the best out of those for you, i will enlighten that.

This para will discuss the necessity of longboarding gloves. So experts can freely scroll down to the next one. During critical moves, sliding and most importantly taking critical turns, you need to use your hand to balance yourself with the ground. This glove will not only protects you but also you can controll your moves better. For example, you can rule your board while sliding extreme slopes when you can balance yourself by leanign backward and keeping your palm against that slope behind you.

Then you may be thinking now you don’t need that if you are just to surf the allies and streets for transportation purpose. Well, are you sure that you are never going to fall if a sudden situation comes? There we go. Yes, you always need that. There comes the situation when sudden stops have to be taken. If you have a good pair of longboarding gloves, you can do that easily lest you should end up with an accident. Can you surely enjoy your surrounding while surfing freely. What if a sudden deadstop comes in your way and you were accelerating there? Yes, i can show more causes why you need that whether you want to perform tricks or just to surf around.

You can realize, by this time that longboarding gloves are as important as longboarding shoes and helmets. To ensure the right safest moves, often you will be needing to use your four limbs and longboarding gloves is that which ensures full support to that. Accidents never come after notifying people.

Some facts about skateboard gloves

Longboarding gloves are specially engineered to protect your palms and fingers. These are generally made of flexible, abrasion resistant and durable materials. Sliding gloves often features a puck made of hard plastic. Adjustable pucks are also available which can be separately bought and adjusted with the palm of the longboarding gloves. You may not always need the puck, but the glove.

Longboarding gloves help you easily react in the critical falls and save yourself quickly. So when you are going to learn longboarding or skateboarding from any expert, you will see he/she suggest you to fix your gloves before you start to learn.

Sizing is another important factor. Longboarding gloves should not be too loose to fix or too tight to feel easy. There are some sizing charts available in the stores also in the market. Meausre yourhand size and see in which size category your hand and palm, fingures and wrist falls there. Get your glove according to that.

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